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Accounting and Consulting Business:

  1. Bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements and all periodic reports.
  2. Internal auditing and preparation of control and internal audit reports.
  3. Solving the problems of previous years through organizing the company’s records and developing its own accounting system.

Taxes Services and Consulting

  1. Preparing tax return reports related to sales taxes
  2. Preparing self assessment reports for individuals and different institutions.
  3. Providing advice related to tax issues
  4. Following up tax cases through highly professional lawyers with extensive experience in the field of taxation.

Building Managerial and Financial System

  1. Performing essential analytical studies and re-engineering to various institutions
  2. Setting up different job procedures to different institution
  3. Setting up different managerial systems that suit various institutions
  4. Setting up financial and accounting systems in addition to internal control and inspection systems to all institutions
  5. Assisting in setting up institutions policies to fit the current regulations

Feasibility studies

Willing to do all feasibility study services to all economics and service projects.

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